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4 days all-inclusive riding and camping with your horse. Includes great food, wonderful trails & nights of campfire and entertainment

Come join us on a wonderful weekend of riding and fun on the Island close to Shawnigan Lake. 4 days of guided trails situated around a community base camp. Come back from a long days ride to a delicious cooked meal by one of our hired cooks. 

If you are looking for an easier ride option join us on one of our shorter 2-3 hour rides rather than the longer all-day option. Or take a leisurely rest day with your horse in camp by the river side.      

Our base camp consists of cook tent, community fire pit and tent for rain, outhouses and riverside campsites for tents or truck campers.
Paddocks can either be made of fallen logs in the area or bring your own electric or metal fencing.

Total cost of the ride per rider will be $325.00 which includes membership fees, feed for man (somewhat beyond regular campfire fare!), 4 days of wonderful riding, and evening campfire including one day that guests can come in for steak dinner ($20.00) and stay overnight.

 All riders must be members of GCHC and have Horse Council Insurance. All vehicles entering base camp must have 5 million dollars insurance coverage – this includes horse trailers.

**Cost does not include food for your horse. Please bring your own hay and grain.

Contact us at for more information.


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